Premium, Clean Ingredients

At Left Coast Performance, our products include only good-for-you ingredients. We focus on real food like coconut, collagen, ghee, cacao, almonds and macadamia nuts. Our products are created for our own family and friends, and are designed to promote energy and vitality.

No Sugar
Nothing artificial
No fillers or chemicals
No gluten / grains

Keto and Ultra Low Carb

Every single one of our products contains 2 net carbs or less. Most contain just 1 net carb, or none at all. We use small amounts of natural sweeteners like stevia and erythritol, which are scientifically proven to not spike blood sugar or insulin levels.

Direct To Consumer Prices

People tend to think that a higher price must mean a better product, right? Well, not always. Often times, you’re paying extra for the name, not the quality. In fact, if you were to compare our products to some of the biggest Keto brands on the market, you’d discover that our products deliver identical quality ingredients (or better), for 15-20% less. It’s simple. Our small family business delivers premium quality products, for less.

Nutritionist Backed

Our products are co-created with certified Nutritionists. Plus, we design free meal plans, guides and articles that are written by certified Nutritionists, to help you succeed with your Keto lifestyle. Just like the ingredients in our products, these resources are backed up by research and science.

Family Business

Left Coast Performance was created out of pure necessity. At the time, I was struggling with a long term illness from Lyme disease. I knew that healthy fats could help, and I had read about the power of MCT Oil to help promote energy and mental function. But I noticed that the MCT Oils on the market were all labelled as “Palm and / or Coconut Oil.” Palm and / or coconut? I was baffled! If a company can give you one or the other, what’s the point? Obviously they were going to put the cheapest ingredients in the bottle (palm oil.)

So I created my own and Left Coast Performance offered the first MCT Oil on the market that was made purely from Coconut. The business grew, and I needed help, so my brother Dan and our lifelong friend Stephen joined to help with the operations. Today, we are a small team of just 6 people, and we work tirelessly to provide the highest quality Keto products on the market, for the best price. - Simon Thompson, Founder Left Coast Performance

Meet Our Team

Kickstart Your Keto Journey

Nutritionist backed. Premium quality and delicious keto products, for less.

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