Fuel For Your Ketogenic Journey

Fuel For Your Ketogenic Journey

We create premium Keto and low-carb products, delivered at a direct-to-consumer price.

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Our Promise To Our Customers

Our Promise To Our Customers

Premium, Clean Label Ingredients

Our Promise To Our Customers

We never use artificial flavors, coloring or fillers.

Our Promise To Our Customers

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What People Are Saying About Our Products

I am an Airman with the United States Air Force deployed to Afghanistan. Today, a few guys, including myself had our spirits lifted. One of our guys received mail from home that included some Keto coffee creamer. He let us all try it and we enjoyed every bit. We have adopted a Keto lifestyle going on about 2 months now. We have 5 or so months left on our deployment. It has been a struggle to calculate our macros and find good quality sources of fats to stay on track with Keto.

Y. Bell

What a difference one product can make! I've been adding a tablespoon of Left Coast Perfrmance MCT Oil to my coffee in the morning and it has totally improved my workdays. Not only have I been feeling more focused and energetic at work, but it really curbs my food cravings until I eat lunch! Energy, focus, and I get to skip breakfast?.... It's awesome to find a product that does exactly what it says it will do!

Ike Ozurumba

Of all the MCT oils I can find available to USA, this is my favorite. It's pure MCT 8 and MCT 10 (none of the unwanted MCT12 Lauric acid). If you're a Keto or "bulletproof" coffee freak or otherwise seeking pure MCT 8+10 this is the best product I could find on the market. I put all the brands on an Excel spreadsheet and compared the various factors including country of origin, processing methods, % of Medium Chain Triglycerides 8/10/12... and this is my winner. It even has the best packaging and no-drip serving cap on the bottle, superior to all others I've tried. Great price too. It's super-clean with virtually no detectable flavor, ultra clear, so I can add it to all my recipes and concoctions and trust me they are many! After every serving I feel energized physically and mentally and no need for the afternoon catnap. Left Coast Performance is The Best.


Update after a full month: still loving it. Can’t imagine my Keto day without this start. I’ve played with adding different items and have found some amazing combos. I’ve even added it to Keto pudding to shortcut adding fats. Added it to a fatbomb recipe. It’s expensive, sure, but try to buy each good coconut oil, mct and ghee...about the same price. You’re paying a small premium for convenience. On some days I’ve upped my use to 2 tablespoons and still no gastro issues. I’ve traveled with it in cold brew and used my ninja on heat setting to blend. Travel constantly and tried to buy bulletproof coffee at local coffee bars. IF you can find it they’re about $8 per cup. No thanks, I’ll stick to my Keto Creamer.