MCT Oil Powder with Collagen - Keto - 1lb

MCT and Collagen in your coffee A+++

Amazing keto protein powder and creamer! It blends quickly in hot coffee. There is enough sweetness in one scoop for a 24oz coffee, for me anyways. Two shakes of cinnamon and one shake of nutmeg, add unsweetened almond milk to your liking and you have a little treat. - Janice A

Premium MCT powder and grass-fed collagen combine for a delicious, easy to mix protein powder or coffee creamer.

Ingredients Vanilla: MCT Oil Powder (MCT Oil, Acacia Fibre), Grass Fed Collagen Peptides (Bovine), Erythritol, Organic Stevia, Monkfruit, Natural Flavors

Ingredients Unflavored: MCT Powder, Grass Fed Collagen Peptides